A-Z Synesthesia Grapheme Color Chart

I experience a common form of synesthesia called “grapheme,” where letters and numbers assume certain colors and personalities.  In September 2010 I explored ideas of synesthesia in my own work.  A-Z Synesthesia Grapheme Color Chart (A-Z SGCC) is a work in progress made up of 26 color studies, each one pertaining to a letter in the alphabet.  The colors are mixed according to what I see/perceive in my mind of each letter.

*WATCH HERE: Color and Sound Frequency Video



After recognizing my personal experience with synesthesia, I became interested in (what is also another synesthetic experience) relationships between color and sound.  Out of A-Z SGCC, I developed a video experiment where I filmed colors in the chart that were closest to the color spectrum Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo, and Violet (ROYGBIV).  Then, using my voice, I applied a pitch to each color according to the correlations of their frequency and wavelength measurements.  This informed my understanding of how color and sound exist as light and vibration.  The video demonstrates how color and sound operate.